Serious about your health? Optimize your trace mineral status.

MULTIMIN Seleno-Zinc Plus immune booster contains significant amounts of the 5 most essential trace minerals (ZINC, SELENIUM, CHROMIUM, COPPER & MANGANESE) for human health and immunity.

MULTIMIN utilizes a liquid chelated, bio-available formulation to maximize absorption from the digestion tract and to avoid the antagonism from binding agents used to form tablets.

The trace minerals in Seleno-Zinc plus are essential for immunity against most diseases like flu, lung infections, and cancers, to name but a few, and are involved in a multitude of enzymatic reactions in the body.

ZINC, MANGANESE and COPPER are essential for the maintenance and renewal of bone, cartilage and ligaments while SELENIUM is very important for the functioning, maintenance and recovery of skeletal and cardiac muscles. Selenium’s antioxidant function, which fights free radical build up, prevents muscle weakness and fatigue.  COPPER, for example, cannot be produced by the body but is a major component of the oxygen carrying molecule haemoglobin.  CHROMIUM is involved in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism (increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass).  These trace minerals also play in an important role in digestion and detoxification, specifically from heavy metals in our bodies.


Multimin Seleno-Zinc Plus will enable you to know that thousands of essential enzymatic reactions that influence your health and fitness are proceeding optimally every day.

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